About indoor plants with love

In the last decade, indoor floriculture has undergone many changes. But the main thing for people who are in love with beauty, in flowers is skillful care for them. You need to know what conditions are necessary for your favorite “pets”. Flowers are a living organism and require attention, respect, care. Indeed, thanks to these plants, wonderful floral arrangements are obtained.

Most of the indoor flowers are photophilous. This is especially true for plants such as cacti, bell, abutilon, geranium, aerophagia, white person, philander, etc. Place them near the eastern and southern windows, if it is hot, then shade them, for example with a curtain...

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And daffodils bloom in winter

Autumn is leaving. It’s time to part with the garden, but not with your favorite flowers. For many, these are daffodils, the scattering of flowers of which is so attractive in spring. How to prolong winter communication with daffodils? How to make daffodils bloom at home when the window is snowing? How to prepare daffodils for distillation? Use the tips below.

The forcing of bulbous plants was mastered by many amateur gardeners. Large white and yellow flowers create a unique mood not only during the holiday but throughout the winter-spring period. With the right selection of varieties and preparation of bulbs, flowering plants can be obtained for the New Year and Christmas.

For this, the bulbs are dug up a week earlier than usual, when the roots begin to die out, and the leaves rema...

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Clematis – Ornamental Plant

Clematis – perennial creepers. Depending on the variety, they can reach heights of 2 to 5 meters, they are attracted by the variety of colors of flowers and leaves, the abundance of flowers (500 or more at a time) and the duration of flowering (up to 3 months).

Consider the features of the plant.

Clematis is photophilous. It is better to plant on flat or sunny areas that are slightly shaded during the hot season. It is better to choose the eastern, southeastern or southwestern sides. Sites must be protected from the wind.

Clematis loves water-permeable, fertile, medium-density soil. It should be neutral or slightly alkaline, well-fertilized and loosened to a depth of 60-70 centimeters.

The best landing time is April-May...

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Decorative filling or how to decorate “difficult” places

Such difficult places include areas under the dense branches of large trees. Or places where the penetration of sunlight is difficult due to buildings, etc. therefore, specialists in landscape design such as dumping has been widely used. Such inert materials are produced today from different materials. It can be a natural stone, or it can be a floristic “glass”, which is a plastic ball of various colors. Coarse quartz sand, and even crushed bark and wood chips, which are painted in a variety of colors, are also often used for such decor. Even nutshells and fine coal are used. Yes, there’s not much else that you can make a beautiful dump.

This decor is very well used when the plants are still small, and the land between them looks bare...

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Ennoble the cottage with a patio

Well, what kind of a country house can do without a garden, a garden, or at least a few flower beds? Perhaps this is embedded in the mysterious Russian soul from birth. The desire to live surrounded by green plants is as natural as breathing. But everyone realizes his desires in his own way. From the Spaniards, or rather, the Moorish, the custom of organizing a cobbled courtyard called a patio at the cottage came to us. If you have ever rented a banquet hall for a wedding outside the city or just watched foreign films, where the main characters arrange modest celebrations in their cottages, then you probably saw a cozy and green courtyard.

Among country houses, even those that were built half a century ago, in almost everyone you can find a Russian village bathhouse in black...

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Equipping a patio

Today is not the time when every piece of land on a personal plot was used for agricultural purposes. Now the garden is primarily a place where you can relax and unwind. However, in order to relax, you need some conditions. It is best to equip a recreation area closer to home. In such a place you can place a small table, barbecue. This place will be a great place to relax the whole family or receive your guests and friends.

Usually, areas specially equipped for recreation are called patios. The word comes from Latin. Usually, this place is closed from prying eyes and is located in the courtyard. They can also be covered with a special pergola and plants that curl. For the first time to equip such a courtyard began in ancient Greece...

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Flower beds and flower beds – decoration of any garden

Typically, flower beds are created from certain types of flowering plants that are in harmony with each other, for which a certain plot of land is allocated. Flowers for a flower bed are selected in a combination of color schemes, suitable sizes and about the same flowering period. By breaking the flower garden in the garden, you can hide various defects in the place on which it is placed. Also, flower beds can be used in the form of hedges, or used as flower borders, enclosing certain areas of land. But still, the main purpose of the flower garden is to decorate the garden.

When placing a flower garden, one must take into account the fact that shady plants cannot be planted in a sunny area, it is better for them to create a separate flower garden that can be placed in a shaded place s...

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Gardening and improvement of a country house

Of course, it is difficult to imagine, looking around the lifeless, empty space of your new section of a country house, that from this outrage you can make something beautiful, unique, rich in bright colors. Naturally, the creation of a harmonious, properly planned suburban area will take a lot of effort and money, but the costs will be justified and soon you will receive a chic vacation spot for yourself and your family.

Landscaping and landscaping of the site should be, first of all, aimed at the desire to hide its shortcomings and to decorate and enhance the existing advantages...

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Growing Roses – Highlights

Before you buy a rose seedling, inspect your site and choose a place. It should suit the future mistress of the garden and you. The place should be sunny, or partial shade. Penumbra will enable buds to remain attractive for longer in hot summer days. Take an interest in the quality of the soil you have on the site. If the soil is not the best, then you need to heal it. To do this, dig a hole one meter per meter and thirty centimeters deep at the site of the future planting and fill it with various kinds of waste from trees, humus, turf and black soil. At the end of this stage, you can begin to land. You can plant in the spring and autumn. Everything is better in mid-September, the roots will take root well in the winter and in the spring you will have a full bush...

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How is the landscaping of a personal plot carried out?

Site improvement is conditionally divided into two categories of work that are performed sequentially: first, the site is landscaped, and then it is landscaped. What is beautification?

Accomplishment includes a very wide range of works. It begins with the creation, as experts say, with the formation of a skeleton for decoration. On the basis of which all construction and excavation works are carried out, such as the construction of arbors, the construction of ponds and a decorative sprinkling of non-ferrous materials such as gravel, wood chips.

Accomplishment requires a lot of time and effort, it also costs more. Sometimes this period of landscape organization stretches for years. It is especially difficult to correct mistakes made during landscaping.

That is why it is very impor...

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