Masterpieces from plastic bottles

Written by Tommy Johnson

Each gardener strives to make his garden the most beautiful, bright and comfortable place. Now it has become fashionable to buy beautiful fences and garden souvenirs. Of course, decorative fences and souvenirs will give any garden an original look, but not everyone can afford such an innovation. Unfortunately, these masterpieces of landscape design cost quite a lot.

But, do not be upset. You can make beautiful and original crafts yourself. Ordinary and old plastic bottles can help. Of these, without much effort, you can make flower beds, palm trees, various animals and artificial flowers. All that is needed for this is your interest and imagination, and some more glue, scissors, and paint.

Homemade palm tree

An evergreen palm tree made of unnecessary plastic bottles will no doubt become an interesting decoration of your garden. To create it, you will not need so many materials: 15-20 brown plastic bottles, 5-7 green bottles, a thick metal rod, scissors, an awl or a drill.

Brown bottles are needed to create a palm trunk. They should be cut to a height of about fifteen centimeters. Most often, only the lower part of the bottle is used, but the upper part can also be used – you do not need to make holes in it. Along the edge of the cut, carefully cut small cloves with a height of about 5-7 cm and bend them to the sides.

Green bottles will become leaves. Each bottle needs to cut off the bottom and neck. Only one bottle with a whole top should remain – it will be used as fasteners during the assembly process. Further from the blanks, you need to cut the leaves, not reaching the edges by five to seven centimeters.

Made leaves must be worn on the blank with a whole top and secured by screwing the cover. Crohn’s palm will be ready.

On a rod prepared in advance, first, you need to string all the brown blanks, then fix the crown of the palm tree made of green bottles from above. The palm tree will be collected and it will be possible to “plant” it in the garden, having well strengthened the rod in the ground.

There is another interesting use of plastic bottles – this is the fence of the beds. Filled with sand, plastic bottles need to be buried in the ground about half neck down. You can make the beds in the usual shape, or you can give complete freedom to your imagination and make the beds round, triangular, oval, square. You can also alternate bottles of different colors or just paint them in one color – this will also look very beautiful and bright.

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