Lawn grates

Written by Tommy Johnson

Owners of suburban areas are well aware of the problem with the device of lawn paths. Walking on the lawn was possible only after it had normally dried out after spring or prolonged rains. And we could not even dream of putting a car on a lawn near the house. So I had to arrange a network of concrete and stone walkways and platforms so that it was comfortable to walk around the garden. But with the development of the same progress, this problem was solved.

Now the market offers a great solution for those who do not want to limit themselves to green lawns but also want to freely walk around the site and park cars in front of the house on the lawn. To solve this problem, lawn grates have been created – these are bee honeycomb panels made of high-pressure plastic. Using them, you can arrange paths and parking spaces right on the lawn.

Lawn grilles are very easy to install, they are lightweight and resistant to all atmospheric “surprises”. The cellular form protects the root system of lawn grass from various mechanical stresses and freely passes water directly into the soil. The appearance of sections of a lawn of a usual and a lawn arranged with the use of lawn grids, practically, do not differ. Lattices do not emit any harmful substances into the soil and atmosphere, are resistant to winter frosts, and can last you several tens (!) Years.

The technology of preparing the base for the installation of a conventional lawn and under the lawn grate is basically the same: the lawn grate is laid on the prepared base, then pressed in, filled with prepared soil and sown with lawn grass seeds. The result is the same lawn, but capable of withstanding a load of up to 150 t / sq.m., Which means it can easily withstand both walking people and parking! A very relevant topic for the city!

In order to arrange a good lawn for parking, it is necessary to properly prepare the base. The base must have good drainage, must be well packed and have a thickness corresponding to the expected loads. For parking, we prepare a sand and gravel pillow with a layer thickness of 30 cm. Then we pour a layer of sand about 3 cm for leveling and only then we install a lawn grate and fill it with the earth. By the way, instead of the earth, in this case, it will be possible to use fine gravel, it will add strength to the entire surface without affecting the quality of the lawn.

That’s the whole “trick”! But you can get rid of excess paved areas, bring your garden closer to environmentally friendly, not to mention the main advantages of fresh grass and the aesthetic appearance of such paths and parking lots!

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