Decorative filling or how to decorate “difficult” places

Such difficult places include areas under the dense branches of large trees. Or places where the penetration of sunlight is difficult due to buildings, etc. therefore, specialists in landscape design such as dumping has been widely used. Such inert materials are produced today from different materials. It can be a natural stone, or it can be a floristic “glass”, which is a plastic ball of various colors. Coarse quartz sand, and even crushed bark and wood chips, which are painted in a variety of colors, are also often used for such decor. Even nutshells and fine coal are used. Yes, there’s not much else that you can make a beautiful dump.

This decor is very well used when the plants are still small, and the land between them looks bare...

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Ennoble the cottage with a patio

Well, what kind of a country house can do without a garden, a garden, or at least a few flower beds? Perhaps this is embedded in the mysterious Russian soul from birth. The desire to live surrounded by green plants is as natural as breathing. But everyone realizes his desires in his own way. From the Spaniards, or rather, the Moorish, the custom of organizing a cobbled courtyard called a patio at the cottage came to us. If you have ever rented a banquet hall for a wedding outside the city or just watched foreign films, where the main characters arrange modest celebrations in their cottages, then you probably saw a cozy and green courtyard.

Among country houses, even those that were built half a century ago, in almost everyone you can find a Russian village bathhouse in black...

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Equipping a patio

Today is not the time when every piece of land on a personal plot was used for agricultural purposes. Now the garden is primarily a place where you can relax and unwind. However, in order to relax, you need some conditions. It is best to equip a recreation area closer to home. In such a place you can place a small table, barbecue. This place will be a great place to relax the whole family or receive your guests and friends.

Usually, areas specially equipped for recreation are called patios. The word comes from Latin. Usually, this place is closed from prying eyes and is located in the courtyard. They can also be covered with a special pergola and plants that curl. For the first time to equip such a courtyard began in ancient Greece...

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Gardening and improvement of a country house

Of course, it is difficult to imagine, looking around the lifeless, empty space of your new section of a country house, that from this outrage you can make something beautiful, unique, rich in bright colors. Naturally, the creation of a harmonious, properly planned suburban area will take a lot of effort and money, but the costs will be justified and soon you will receive a chic vacation spot for yourself and your family.

Landscaping and landscaping of the site should be, first of all, aimed at the desire to hide its shortcomings and to decorate and enhance the existing advantages...

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How is the landscaping of a personal plot carried out?

Site improvement is conditionally divided into two categories of work that are performed sequentially: first, the site is landscaped, and then it is landscaped. What is beautification?

Accomplishment includes a very wide range of works. It begins with the creation, as experts say, with the formation of a skeleton for decoration. On the basis of which all construction and excavation works are carried out, such as the construction of arbors, the construction of ponds and a decorative sprinkling of non-ferrous materials such as gravel, wood chips.

Accomplishment requires a lot of time and effort, it also costs more. Sometimes this period of landscape organization stretches for years. It is especially difficult to correct mistakes made during landscaping.

That is why it is very impor...

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Lawn grates

Owners of suburban areas are well aware of the problem with the device of lawn paths. Walking on the lawn was possible only after it had normally dried out after spring or prolonged rains. And we could not even dream of putting a car on a lawn near the house. So I had to arrange a network of concrete and stone walkways and platforms so that it was comfortable to walk around the garden. But with the development of the same progress, this problem was solved.

Now the market offers a great solution for those who do not want to limit themselves to green lawns but also want to freely walk around the site and park cars in front of the house on the lawn. To solve this problem, lawn grates have been created – these are bee honeycomb panels made of high-pressure plastic...

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Masterpieces from plastic bottles

Each gardener strives to make his garden the most beautiful, bright and comfortable place. Now it has become fashionable to buy beautiful fences and garden souvenirs. Of course, decorative fences and souvenirs will give any garden an original look, but not everyone can afford such an innovation. Unfortunately, these masterpieces of landscape design cost quite a lot.

But, do not be upset. You can make beautiful and original crafts yourself. Ordinary and old plastic bottles can help. Of these, without much effort, you can make flower beds, palm trees, various animals and artificial flowers. All that is needed for this is your interest and imagination, and some more glue, scissors, and paint.

Homemade palm tree

An evergreen palm tree made of unnecessary plastic bottles will no doubt...

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Narrow Design

The most difficult case for creating an interesting landscape design is a narrow long section. Even if you are not going to arrange the arrangement here, but just want to set up a garden, there are still many difficulties. This article gives advice on the proper arrangement of such uncomfortable personal plots. Here the standard layout of the garden and the garden is not suitable when the site is divided into two parts: the garden and the city, and fruit bushes and grapes are planted around. On such a site, a perspective in the form of a tunnel will turn out, which creates tension in perception.

How to set up a garden on a long stretch. First of all, it is necessary to divide all the space into several parts, the so-called rooms...

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Paths for private homes

When your hands reach to ennoble the territory of a private site, it is worth considering every moment of this issue. It is very important to correctly plan your actions and prioritize each subsequent action. One of the points of your plan should be to improve the paths on the site. After all, when along the perimeter of the cottage or the private sector, paths are neatly laid out, the appearance of the entire territory immediately changes.

DIY footpaths

This detail of construction in the country can radically differ for each person. Some can layout paths trimmed with grass, others can plant beautiful flowers around the path. But today we will talk about more capital and noticeable transformations.

Stone paths look very aesthetically pleasing and rich...

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The place of stone in landscape design

Modern landscape design is characterized by a predominance of either alpine or oriental motifs. A possible reason is the craving of modern man for exoticism. Be that as it may, and landscape design does not become less popular, and one of the main means of creating compositions in it is stone.

Trees and bushes, flower groups, lawns – all these, of course, are very important components of landscape design, but, oddly enough, are replaceable. Another thing is stone, a stable component, almost the “soul” of the landscape. Slides and boulders, pools and waterfalls, walls, fences, paths – modern landscape design is simply unthinkable without all this. It is stone that is able to transform and organize space; it seems to be becoming an “immortal” alternative to the seasonal reign of plants...

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