Indoor Plants: Pelargonium

Written by Tommy Johnson

Pelargonium is the scientific name for geranium, a beautifully flowering plant. To grow healthy and beautiful pelargonium, you need to create the appropriate conditions.

To form compact bushes with bright inflorescences, grow plants in small pots with a height of 10-15 centimeters, with a diameter of about 15 centimeters. If the pot is larger in diameter, you can plant 2-3 plants in it.

Do not get carried away with top dressing. When overfeeding, the mass of leaves increases to the detriment of flowering. The fewer nutrients in the soil, the earlier flowering begins, and it will be long, the color of the petals is more vivid.

If you planted a plant in a fresh soil mixture, then carry out the first dressing no earlier than three months later. This must be done on the second day after watering. Topdressing in dry soil can be harmful to geraniums.

Feed with superphosphate – it stimulates flowering. Do not give large doses of nitrogen fertilizers – plants with variegated leaves lose this property and the leaves turn green.

Pelargonium blooms superbly in lighted areas. In winter, watering should be reduced, but the plant on a cool windowsill. With sufficient lighting, geraniums can bloom in the winter.

To prolong the period of intense flowering, it is necessary to systematically remove all faded inflorescences.

Add pieces of charcoal to the soil mixture – this prophylactic helps to avoid root decay.

If you leave for a sufficiently long time, remove all the flowers and buds on the plant, and mulch the soil in the pot.

When propagating the plant with cuttings, allow the cut to dry, and only then plant it in the soil, treating it with root or another solution that promotes root formation. From above it is desirable to cover the stalk with any translucent material (jar, glass, film).

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