Indoor plants in the bedroom

Written by Tommy Johnson

Bedroom – a room in which there is no room for outsiders. Here, the owners of the house are resting, gaining strength, doing their own personal affairs. To create the necessary atmosphere in the bedroom, pay attention to indoor plants.

During sleep, the person’s breathing becomes deeper, which means that the air in this room should be especially clean and harmless. It is no secret that flowers enrich the air with oxygen, increase its humidity and have bactericidal properties.

It’s worth ordering flowers, if only because they are natural “harmonizers” of space: plants add warmth to the interior, set the necessary accents and create a cozy atmosphere in general.

It should be remembered that at night many plants absorb oxygen and emit carbon dioxide, so it’s better to choose several expressive forms for the bedroom. No need to arrange a greenhouse or garden from the room. In a tiny room, wall-mounted flower pots with climbing plants will be the best solution.

Single plants must be selected carefully, so before ordering a bouquet in inexpensively, you should carefully examine it. What “green neighbors” will be especially useful?

First of all, you should pay attention to focus, which are unpretentious. The rubbery, lyre-shaped ficus and Benjamin’s ficus will fit perfectly into any modern interior. No less attractive species with gray, reddish, yellow and white patterns on the leaves.

 Palm trees – Forster’s Howe with curved leaves, dwarf chamedorea elegant, a Canarian date with a lush crown – can give ease and lightness to any room. Monstera and dracaena look just as picturesque.

Philodendron, passionflower, and sindapsus are very hardy: they will endure the dry air and lack of lighting.

Fatsiya Japanese with large patterned leaves will refresh the minimalist interior. This shade-tolerant, beautiful plant is resistant to pests and diseases. It increases air humidity, so sleep will be sound. However, Fatsia loves coolness, and at high temperatures, her leaves fall.

Another unpretentious instance is rhombic cissus. He feels good in the heat and in the cold, in the shade and in the sun. It does not impose requirements on lighting and humidity.

Ampel begonias and zygocactus bloom beautifully: they can decorate window sills. Compositions of gloxinia, royal begonia, pelargonium, and cyclamen give the bedroom a special charm.

Contrary to popular belief, the flowers in the bedroom are very appropriate, as they not only enliven the interior but also heal the air.

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