Gardening and improvement of a country house

Written by Tommy Johnson

Of course, it is difficult to imagine, looking around the lifeless, empty space of your new section of a country house, that from this outrage you can make something beautiful, unique, rich in bright colors. Naturally, the creation of a harmonious, properly planned suburban area will take a lot of effort and money, but the costs will be justified and soon you will receive a chic vacation spot for yourself and your family.

Landscaping and landscaping of the site should be, first of all, aimed at the desire to hide its shortcomings and to decorate and enhance the existing advantages. With a correctly drawn up project and its high-quality implementation, the site of a country house should be a continuation of the residential building itself, while its skillfully placed accents should only emphasize the individuality and taste of the owners. On the territory of the site, all buildings, all fruit, and decorative trees, as well as artificial or natural ponds and flower beds should be harmoniously combined.

It is ponds that are the most attractive part of the landscape design of the site. After all, water can not only create a favorable microclimate throughout the site, but also the sounds of drops falling from a small height and rustling pebbles will calm the nerves and set you up for positive.

As a rule, they have a pond in the central part of the site, surrounding it with hydrophytic plants. Around the pond or waterfall, you can arrange artificial, decorative lanterns and arrange some funny animal figures or fairy-tale characters. You do not need to place the pond in the shade of large trees, as they will create unfavorable conditions for the growth of aquatic vegetation, in addition, the fallen leaves in the fall will be susceptible to decay under the influence of water, which will lead your pond to an inappropriate condition.

Of course, you can not do on the site without a children’s corner. It can be separated from the total area by low-growing shrubs planted in one or two rows, boxwood is most suitable for this purpose. Here you can equip a small sandbox and, if the area allows, put a swing and a slide.

A correctly planted lawn not only performs a decorative function but is also able to absorb extraneous noise and in the summertime lower the temperature of the earth by several degrees. Sowing the lawn with soil-covering plants, such as cinquefoil or scallop, you can also plant bluegrass.

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