The most popular plants in your garden

Despite the abundance of exotic plants that many try to grow in their own cottage, summer residents still prefer the well-known and popular garden plants. Daisy, viola, stem rose and forget-me-not – a classic of any garden that will never lose its relevance and will always be appropriate in your garden. It is customary to classify such plants as “infants”: in the first year, they form only leaves, in the second year of growth flowers appear which, by flowering, give seeds.

Despite the fact that the flowers give seeds, the plant itself, for the most part, does not die but remains to grow and bloom for several more years...

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We grow asters

Astra can rightfully be considered the queen of the garden. This is an annual flower, known for all its diversity, brightness and unpretentiousness. Asters can decorate flowerbeds, front gardens or grow them at home on the windowsill. The number and variety are amazing – at the moment there are more than 800 varieties. Asters are different not only in the shape of the flower but also in color. Red, pink, lilac flowers can be with thin, sharp, straight or wavy petals.

Astra must be in the garden of everyone. Moreover, this flower is not too picky – aster can be grown on any soil with minimal care. It will undoubtedly become one of the main decorations of your home or garden.

Seed Astra

In order for the aster to please you already in July, you can drop it off early – at the beginni...

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What if indoor jasmine does not bloom?

Jasmine is a beautiful flower that attracts everyone with its extraordinary beauty, as well as a charming aroma. But sometimes it happens that the flower begins to fade even with proper care. What to do in such a difficult situation?

The reasons for the lack of flowering flower

There are many reasons why a plant may not bloom. These causes can occur both individually and in combination. These reasons include:

* Violation of the temperature regime. If the temperature is too high or, conversely, too low, the plant will not bloom. Optimum and best flowering can be observed in a segment from fourteen to twenty-four degrees. In order to maintain temperature balance, you must either protect the flower from heat sources or, conversely, add a little light and heat.

* Lack of moisture...

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