Flower beds and flower beds – decoration of any garden

Written by Tommy Johnson

Typically, flower beds are created from certain types of flowering plants that are in harmony with each other, for which a certain plot of land is allocated. Flowers for a flower bed are selected in a combination of color schemes, suitable sizes and about the same flowering period. By breaking the flower garden in the garden, you can hide various defects in the place on which it is placed. Also, flower beds can be used in the form of hedges, or used as flower borders, enclosing certain areas of land. But still, the main purpose of the flower garden is to decorate the garden.

When placing a flower garden, one must take into account the fact that shady plants cannot be planted in a sunny area, it is better for them to create a separate flower garden that can be placed in a shaded place so that the plants feel comfortable there. When placing flower beds, it is also important to focus on the most beautiful plants, which are desirable to be placed in the center. Plants can be selected so that your flower garden will please you all year round. This can be achieved by planting dried flowers in the flower garden, such as panicled hydrangea, hybrid rudbeckia, smooth mucella, bract helichrysum, wrinkled calceolaria, hybrid verbena, elegant gypsophila, large-flowered jasmine, etc.

In front of the house, the so-called ceremonial flower garden, which is the core of the entire garden composition, is usually broken. It consists of a well-kept lawn with beautiful decorative plantings, correctly located paths, small architectural forms, etc. are welcome. In the back of the yard, the same lawn is usually dominant, but correctly placed flower beds and flower beds give it charm. Also, any decorative pond will fit into the overall composition.

Flower beds that are placed above the surface of the earth, and geometrically regular shapes, whether square, rectangular, oval, round, are classified as flower beds. The basic principle of a flower bed is the greatest preservation of attractiveness while all its elements remain unchanged. If desired, you can create a mixed composition of continuously flowering plants, called mix borders, it is easier to say mixed borders. The main emphasis in such a composition is on the harmony of the colors of your chosen plants, while it should maintain naturalness.

With constant care and regular watering, timely loosening of the soil and proper feeding of your plants, you will achieve the maximum effect from the composition you created.

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