Equipping a patio

Written by Tommy Johnson

Today is not the time when every piece of land on a personal plot was used for agricultural purposes. Now the garden is primarily a place where you can relax and unwind. However, in order to relax, you need some conditions. It is best to equip a recreation area closer to home. In such a place you can place a small table, barbecue. This place will be a great place to relax the whole family or receive your guests and friends.

Usually, areas specially equipped for recreation are called patios. The word comes from Latin. Usually, this place is closed from prying eyes and is located in the courtyard. They can also be covered with a special pergola and plants that curl. For the first time to equip such a courtyard began in ancient Greece. Later, the Romans adopted this tradition from the Greeks. Such a courtyard can be compared with an atrium, which essentially is a winter garden or an internal room, in which there is an open-air garden. Usually, such patios were furnished with sculpture, and the floor was paved with mosaics. Both in antiquity and today, the patio was equipped on the roof of a house or other building.

The patio can be limited only by your taste. So from other people’s views, the site can be hidden by walls, a fence of climbing plants. Often make the site open. It all depends on landscape design and your imagination.

Since the patio is usually located in the open air, this is where you need to think about the cover well. The type of coating is selected depending on the overall stylistic concept.

Almost any material will do. It can be granite, ceramic tiles, wood. Porcelain stoneware is best suited, which has high wear-resistant qualities, but the dishes on it practically do not break. Suitable for arranging patios and boards. However, they must be pre-processed.

The size of the patio is selected depending on the number of people who will relax here. The number of people will also affect the elements of the site equipment. So for noisy companies, it is best to make a dance floor for parties. But if you like privacy, then a rocking chair, a small table and so on will be appropriate.

In order to make the recreation area more attractive. Here you can place decorative elements: a fountain. Beautiful flowerpots with exotic plants, a curling screen.

You also need to pay great attention to small things and various nuances. So, in order to be able to relax in the evening, you need to equip the lanterns that will well illuminate the site, but at the same time will serve as an element of decor.

Also from your way of life, you need to select and lighting. So, for lovers of silence and relaxation for thought or reading books, it is best to choose a soft light that resembles the light from candles. But bright colors with flickering lights and spotlights perfectly emphasize the cheerful atmosphere of a stormy party. Also, not the last place is furniture. It should not spoil, but at the same time it is a patio, so it is important that the furniture is comfortable.

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