Ennoble the cottage with a patio

Written by Tommy Johnson

Well, what kind of a country house can do without a garden, a garden, or at least a few flower beds? Perhaps this is embedded in the mysterious Russian soul from birth. The desire to live surrounded by green plants is as natural as breathing. But everyone realizes his desires in his own way. From the Spaniards, or rather, the Moorish, the custom of organizing a cobbled courtyard called a patio at the cottage came to us. If you have ever rented a banquet hall for a wedding outside the city or just watched foreign films, where the main characters arrange modest celebrations in their cottages, then you probably saw a cozy and green courtyard.

Among country houses, even those that were built half a century ago, in almost everyone you can find a Russian village bathhouse in black. Today, even every good sauna with a wood-fired bathhouse, which has a closed territory, arranges a small patio for its guests so that they can go out into the fresh air or sit surrounded by flowers. After all, as a rule, courtyards are created precisely in order to enjoy the beauty of elegant plants away from prying eyes or to engage in floriculture.

How to arrange a real patio next to your cottage? First of all, you need to draw up a plan or design project, think through every little thing: where will the path be, where is it supposed to put a bench, table or tree in a pot. Only when there is a scheme, at least preliminary, it is necessary to proceed to the paving of the site. It is advisable to pre-level the surface, as far as possible, and make sure that there is a small slope towards the house, so you can get rid of the appearance of puddles.

When the site is leveled, you can start paving, for this purpose concrete slabs, stones, decorative tiles, and even wood are suitable. Appearance and texture should be selected in accordance with the color of plants that already grow on the site or will subsequently grow there. Using pebbles, you can layout beautiful patterns, and fill the space between them with grass or creeping flowers.

Trees play an important role in the patio. If they are already on the site, do not cut them. It is enough to arrange a flowerbed around the base – that is an excellent element of landscape design. A good solution is to use decorative trees in tubs. With a cozy patio, any cottage will sparkle with new colors worthy of a photoshoot with the participation of the most famous and expensive fashion model.

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