Decorative filling or how to decorate “difficult” places

Written by Tommy Johnson

Such difficult places include areas under the dense branches of large trees. Or places where the penetration of sunlight is difficult due to buildings, etc. therefore, specialists in landscape design such as dumping has been widely used. Such inert materials are produced today from different materials. It can be a natural stone, or it can be a floristic “glass”, which is a plastic ball of various colors. Coarse quartz sand, and even crushed bark and wood chips, which are painted in a variety of colors, are also often used for such decor. Even nutshells and fine coal are used. Yes, there’s not much else that you can make a beautiful dump.

This decor is very well used when the plants are still small, and the land between them looks bare. Therefore, just dumping will noticeably brighten the picture, decorating the voids. The site will look very neat and beautiful. Especially if you manage to choose the right dusting by color and texture so that they look harmoniously with the planted plants. It can be used as one color tone. So is the combination of colors from which you can come up with completely abstract, unexpected or geometrically correctly constructed compositions.

To save time and not to run many times to the store to buy material, or in order not to buy too much, you need to calculate its amount in advance. Here a lot will depend on the material itself. If it is gravel, then, as a rule, it needs from 50 to 100 kg per 1 sq. Km. m. And if you liked the lighter bark, then you will need it two times less.

Before you apply the filling, be sure to layout some material – spun-bond or geotextiles that are best suited for these purposes. It is necessary to lay the material so that the bulk mixture does not fall into the ground. But if geotextiles seem expensive to you, then a simple perforated oilcloth is also suitable. But this is only necessary for the dumping of inorganic origin. If the dump is of organic origins, such as wood chips, shells, coral, etc., then you can not litter anything. Even if the mixture goes into the ground, nothing bad will happen.

In order for the dumping to always look very neat, it must be periodically brushed off with rubbish, which can be very much attacked. If you make a little imagination, then these dark places on earth can be decorated as interestingly as you like. For example, you can put a slightly broken vase on your side, from which a small stream of loose material will “flow out”, or you can decorate it with large stones. And to give the effect of humidity, they can be varnished. This is a very interesting and fascinating activity, but remember that everything is good in moderation, because the site should look harmonious.

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