How to save roses in the winter?

The beauty, grace, originality of rose inflorescences attracts more and more flower growers. But the sharply continental climate for these flowers in severe winters is fatal.

The method of shelter depends on the number of plants grown. For solitary, they arrange an individual shelter, and for a large number, if planted in a row, they make tunnel structures with supports between plants. As an insulation material, you can use dry tree leaves (oak trees are especially good), dry peat and even dry soddy soil.

In dry weather, when it gets colder, you should treat the plants with Bordeaux liquid, first remove unopened buds and unripened tops. After drying the bushes, you can begin to shelter them, bending as much as the stems allow it. The bushes are completely covered with leaves...

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Indoor plants in the bedroom

Bedroom – a room in which there is no room for outsiders. Here, the owners of the house are resting, gaining strength, doing their own personal affairs. To create the necessary atmosphere in the bedroom, pay attention to indoor plants.

During sleep, the person’s breathing becomes deeper, which means that the air in this room should be especially clean and harmless. It is no secret that flowers enrich the air with oxygen, increase its humidity and have bactericidal properties.

It’s worth ordering flowers, if only because they are natural “harmonizers” of space: plants add warmth to the interior, set the necessary accents and create a cozy atmosphere in general.

It should be remembered that at night many plants absorb oxygen and emit carbon dioxide, so it’s better to choose...

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Indoor Plants: Pelargonium

Pelargonium is the scientific name for geranium, a beautifully flowering plant. To grow healthy and beautiful pelargonium, you need to create the appropriate conditions.

To form compact bushes with bright inflorescences, grow plants in small pots with a height of 10-15 centimeters, with a diameter of about 15 centimeters. If the pot is larger in diameter, you can plant 2-3 plants in it.

Do not get carried away with top dressing. When overfeeding, the mass of leaves increases to the detriment of flowering. The fewer nutrients in the soil, the earlier flowering begins, and it will be long, the color of the petals is more vivid.

If you planted a plant in a fresh soil mixture, then carry out the first dressing no earlier than three months later...

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Lawn grates

Owners of suburban areas are well aware of the problem with the device of lawn paths. Walking on the lawn was possible only after it had normally dried out after spring or prolonged rains. And we could not even dream of putting a car on a lawn near the house. So I had to arrange a network of concrete and stone walkways and platforms so that it was comfortable to walk around the garden. But with the development of the same progress, this problem was solved.

Now the market offers a great solution for those who do not want to limit themselves to green lawns but also want to freely walk around the site and park cars in front of the house on the lawn. To solve this problem, lawn grates have been created – these are bee honeycomb panels made of high-pressure plastic...

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Light and shade lobes: plants for sunny and shaded areas

For the growth and development of various ornamental plants, the need for light and its quantity is also different. In relation to sunlight, plants can be divided into three large groups: photophilous, shade-resistant and shade-loving.

A lot of perennial and annual crops feel great where there is plenty of sunlight. If we talk about spring flowers, then the Arabs, phlox, kurtinka, aurinia, Aubrie, and Iberian are very fond of the sun. At the beginning of summer, irises of various colors, montbretia, large peonies, and daylilies bloom on a sun-drenched garden. In July, Liatris and echinacea light their candles. At the end of summer, asters, phloxes, and chrysanthemums will decorate the solar flowerbed with bright colors.

Many flowers that need plenty of sunlight delight people not on...

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Masterpieces from plastic bottles

Each gardener strives to make his garden the most beautiful, bright and comfortable place. Now it has become fashionable to buy beautiful fences and garden souvenirs. Of course, decorative fences and souvenirs will give any garden an original look, but not everyone can afford such an innovation. Unfortunately, these masterpieces of landscape design cost quite a lot.

But, do not be upset. You can make beautiful and original crafts yourself. Ordinary and old plastic bottles can help. Of these, without much effort, you can make flower beds, palm trees, various animals and artificial flowers. All that is needed for this is your interest and imagination, and some more glue, scissors, and paint.

Homemade palm tree

An evergreen palm tree made of unnecessary plastic bottles will no doubt...

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Narrow Design

The most difficult case for creating an interesting landscape design is a narrow long section. Even if you are not going to arrange the arrangement here, but just want to set up a garden, there are still many difficulties. This article gives advice on the proper arrangement of such uncomfortable personal plots. Here the standard layout of the garden and the garden is not suitable when the site is divided into two parts: the garden and the city, and fruit bushes and grapes are planted around. On such a site, a perspective in the form of a tunnel will turn out, which creates tension in perception.

How to set up a garden on a long stretch. First of all, it is necessary to divide all the space into several parts, the so-called rooms...

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Paths for private homes

When your hands reach to ennoble the territory of a private site, it is worth considering every moment of this issue. It is very important to correctly plan your actions and prioritize each subsequent action. One of the points of your plan should be to improve the paths on the site. After all, when along the perimeter of the cottage or the private sector, paths are neatly laid out, the appearance of the entire territory immediately changes.

DIY footpaths

This detail of construction in the country can radically differ for each person. Some can layout paths trimmed with grass, others can plant beautiful flowers around the path. But today we will talk about more capital and noticeable transformations.

Stone paths look very aesthetically pleasing and rich...

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September works in the flower garden

The main concern of gardeners in September is planting bulbs. In the first half of September, they plant small-bulb: Muscari, bluebills, poultry farmers, crocuses, Pushkins. It is best planted in a drained, rich in nutrients, dug to a depth of 20-30 cm. The soil needs to be prepared in advance (1-2 weeks), making 5-10 kg. compost, phosphorus and potash fertilizers, ash. The distance between the bulbs should be about 10 cm, the depth of planting is about 8-10. You should not plant the bulbs closer to each other, because after two, at most three years, they will grow, they will become crowded, and the flowers are chopped. If necessary, plants can be watered. In addition to small-bulb, in early September, it is necessary to plant large bulbs of the imperial grouse...

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The most popular plants in your garden

Despite the abundance of exotic plants that many try to grow in their own cottage, summer residents still prefer the well-known and popular garden plants. Daisy, viola, stem rose and forget-me-not – a classic of any garden that will never lose its relevance and will always be appropriate in your garden. It is customary to classify such plants as “infants”: in the first year, they form only leaves, in the second year of growth flowers appear which, by flowering, give seeds.

Despite the fact that the flowers give seeds, the plant itself, for the most part, does not die but remains to grow and bloom for several more years...

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