About indoor plants with love

Written by Tommy Johnson

In the last decade, indoor floriculture has undergone many changes. But the main thing for people who are in love with beauty, in flowers is skillful care for them. You need to know what conditions are necessary for your favorite “pets”. Flowers are a living organism and require attention, respect, care. Indeed, thanks to these plants, wonderful floral arrangements are obtained.

Most of the indoor flowers are photophilous. This is especially true for plants such as cacti, bell, abutilon, geranium, aerophagia, white person, philander, etc. Place them near the eastern and southern windows, if it is hot, then shade them, for example with a curtain. But there are plants in which in dark, unlit places, the leaves acquire a more intense color, and in the sun, their leaves brighten and do not look as colorful as in dark places. These are tuber begonia, clivia, ferns, tradescantia, aralia, Ruscus, etc. … They are better placed on windows facing north and west.

For advanced lovers of indoor floriculture, I highly recommend a plant such as a croton. Crotons come in such a rich gamut of colors that everyone will find something to their liking. Crotons with variegated golden, bright red and bronze leaves are especially beautiful. And all this paint of one plant. The whole secret is that croton changes color as the leaves grow and grow.

It is very interesting for plant lovers to experiment with the distillation of plants. Imagine how beautiful and unusual for the New Year the lilac branches on the New Year’s table! They are harvested in the fall and stored in plastic bags in a cold place, it is possible in the refrigerator until they are distilled in any nutrient solution. Distillation can be carried out of such ornamental plants as branches: bird cherry, cherry, lilac, almond, forsythia, etc.

And the coleuses are so bright, unpretentious, their leaves are velvety, colorful, how picturesque they are! Just be sure to pinch the tops to get rid of uninteresting inflorescences.

For lovers and connoisseurs of applied art, compositions from various plants for decorating walls may be interesting, so-called wall compositions are paintings from dried plants. Cereals, physalis fruits, dried inflorescences of delphinium, celosia, marigolds are very decorative and look beautiful in the interior.

Human imagination is tireless. But there are people who do not like plants without flowers. In my opinion, very vain! But still, since there are lovers who appreciate plants because of the flowers, it is necessary to name the most suitable and beautiful types of such plants. This is balsam, or as the people call Vanka wet – a very unpretentious forever flowering plant, Saintpaulias are violet-colored, very beautiful gloxinia streptocarpus hybrid, unpretentious zygocactus that blooms in winter, charmingly gentle, majestic hippeastrum, very capricious azalea, ÔÇťorchid. The world of flowers is so colorful and diverse that every lover will find plants to his liking.

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