Riverbanks, Zoo page 2

Next was SponDgeBob.

It was in this theater that was like a middle school auditorium. I liked it better than the one at Ghettowinds cause we got to enjoy the 3-D without getting our insides shook the fizzznuck out.

They also had the moles up in hurr.

This one had some crazy choppers. Like that host of "Destroyed in Seconds".

Even the bathrooms were like middle school.

Outside we found this thing that had escaped....so we squashed it dead! JK.

They had small horses for kids with bug helmets.

This cow totally had it's coochie pierced with a pearl coot ring. Ew.

You know we gots to hand out with the goats.

These gots were GINORMUS!

I told Cameran this was candy. lol. So see fed it to James. He liked it.

..This goat was my dog.

"Mississippi Pensises-atories". Jarsh has had alot of those.

Giraffesatories and whatknought.

Hey, you got something right there....near your nose...I guess.

Brian: Cameran, see the elephants? They throw mud on themselves to stay cool.
Cameran: But why arn't they gray?

This was the moment he thought she might be James' kid.


Where are the coasters?

Sienna was all "Ok with all this, I be tired!"

Hey juice!

..For all you scat lovers, there is the "In Dookey Pizza" place.

There is also the "In Dookey Lodge". I was all, pass.

Aw! Looks like my chihuahua!.

I hope this is going to be a coaster!

Big monkey thing .

Aw! This reminds me of my fat chihuahua.

Anyone want a snackette?

I think Cameran does!

Wow! The day must be complete!

Brian is such a good daddy. EWWWW YOUUUUU!

Don't forget to recycle! And do ends our day! Fun times.

Next stop, Carowinds!