Riverbanks, Zoo
Columbia, SC

Today James and I decided to go to the Zoo since we ain't been in foeva and whatknought. Plus it's in Columbia, so yeah and stuff.

I already see one creature I wanna pet. Heeeeeey.

So is the leash for the tiger or the kid?

I wonder if Staren have this credit?

So James was playing Alicia today and we had to buy him a hat since he left
his at home...
....3 miles away.

Looks soooo Animal Kingdom-atories.

Riverbanks Zoo is really nice. Hurr you can see the layout and it even extends over a river.

Before we can do anything, we have got to get bitch some sugar.

Oh wow! It's the Homey G family. Yep, those are Alicia's kids....both already have
they legs in the air. I kid...I kid!

Little Sienna says "You sho is a funny looking lesbian" to James.

We head into the aquariumatories!

This is the python snuggled up with the garden hose. It ain't a snake stupid so stop trying to get all up in it.

..The fishes attacked this butch woman with the lettuce.


I found Nemo! It's totally like Animal Kingdom.

Look how well Brian blends in with all the other parents and kids.

This is a Cameran. She is fun to load up with sugar and get to repeat things.

Time for more Icee.....

...and Cameran is off!

They is picking they dingleberries.

"Jesus Christ on a Cross it's hot up in this trailer!"

..Here we sit with a Tiger and pose. Represent!

The Zoo has a shop promoting Carowinds "new" coaster for 2009. Maybe they will get a hyper store for 2010?

See, they have a ride here.

It's the endangered species merry go round. It should have a few GAP members on it deuce.

We leave the women and go get our ride on.

Someone likes the camera almost as much as I do.

Time for more sugar! Where is Cameran?

Awwwwww to the wwwwwwwwww!

Cameran could not see the aligatores, so Brian helps her with a closer look ala Michael Jackson style.

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