Six Flags St. Louis page 2

Now it's time for the backstage tour of The Boss.

This reminds me of a scene in RCT where you do not put any drink stations or exits when you build a ride and people just wander around like WTF?

I spot a nerd. Can you see him? Hint: He is a HUGE lens.

Around the back....

Thank God. If the coaster catches on fire, they are covered.

Swoosh: "No, I look fat in that pic...delete. Ew, double chins...delete."

Awwww. We saw this poor little deer under the coaster.

Nice Jarsh. Use that pic on your _______ account.



Being in the heat and sun is no reason not to keep a model-esque appearance at all times.

The GAP sitting on some big wood.
(like we aint done that before)

Ok so why even wear a shit? Or rather, just trade shirts....

...with daddy.

Jarsh needed to change before we left for a break.

OMG...this Drake Bell kid is following me errwhere!

So Swoosh pulled out his Shamwow and cleaned his car before we left.

..So cozy...and only 115 degrees.

Jarsh worked up an appitite at the casino, so back at the park...he had a
hammock of french fries.

Swoosh! Get your huge lens of the table! People eat here!

The glow in the dark parade was pretty good!

After the parade, I caught a double feature. I was only interested in the first movie however.

Then I rode this thing.

OMG. Best ride in the park. Back seat rides on Screaming Eagle rule my hole.

Blah to you and your crew.


Next stop, Silver Dollar City!