Six Flags St. Louis
St. Louis, MO

Today I take my first trip tp Six Flags St. Louis to attend the ACE Daredevil Daze event.

Morning started with ERaT on they new Evel Knievel coaster.

Ok so enjoy these rarely seen coaster shots.

I loved the second half of the ride butta than the first.

Kinda looks like Thunderhead in this pic.

Lots of airtime on the way back to the station..

Oh yeah, it's a GAP meet deuce!

There are two GAP peeps. Wow Swoosh...your lens is huge!

And more GAP peeps....yeah it's 105 10am.

G D it's HOT!

..Karen and I do some posing on our backstage tour.

The train still has the old Six Flags Mid America logo.

The papparazzi found out I was here...damn it!

So more pics of Evel.

Is that Sean Flaharty on the front row?

On the way back we see that the train got excited.

Jarsh got excited deuce and needed a cold shower.
(thank god..maybe it will wash off some of that Aeropostile I smell)

Mr. Freeze sounds fun....anything cold does.

..Look at that erect track.

Love this ride with they lapbars.

Did we mention that is is HOT AS HELL?

Ok so Jarsh and Robert look like Hillbillies up in they mountain cabin.


Heeey....clap it up Daddy Menz.

Beware of the 6 foot man eating chicken?
The arrow seems to be pointing to the 6 ft chicken eating woman.

Oh I see...yeah hi.

Yeah CAN come back again. No need to stack that shizz up to the moon.

Heeeey reverse Oreo lifeguard daddy menz.

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