Six Flags Over Georgia page 2
(A.CE Storm Fling 2009)

On Location: GAP TV 09 segment being filmed up in hurr.

Over and the Monster Plant...err Mansion.... was still close-ded.

Can you count all the "Big Mo's" in this pic?

Wow, SFOG is getting all homosensual friendly this yurr.

So yeah, now we can wait for Goliath to hopefully open.

Speaking of Goliath....Rock is like 8 feet tall. Serial!

Two things are popping out in this pic. One is Trollface James.

"Can I has credit now?"

Um, yeah. What is goings on up in hurr?

All the iPhonetards checked the weather constantly in hopes for a break in the rain!

Oh snap! It opened and Jarsh wet his panties. He was glad to get to ride Goliath also.

We got our ride as it started raining again.

And why is this empty? It should be overflowing!

Time to wait on our tram to the front of the know, since we had to exit out the back.

Yall butta protect them expensive mugs!

Off in the distance, I could hear IKEA calling my name.

Don was our tour guide of the parking lot on the way back to our cars.

Somebody was rubbing they greasy belly all over peeps, so we had to change before IKEA.

YouTube can provide hours of entertainment.

Don always loves our choice of videos. I really liked video taping everyone reactions to "one guy one jear"....coming on the 09 DVD!

What u smell is your wife's ass...not the video. Serial!

Next stop, IKEA!