Six Flags Over Georgia
(A.CE Storm Fling 2009)

So after we played in our hotel last night and this am, we decided to get wet...again, and
head over to Six Flags and eat our free buffet.

You know James will brave the rain to get his eat on.

Monica even brought little Kagome to hang out with us deuceday.

So yeah, I obviously missed the memo about how trash bags are all the rage this year.

Don is all, "yeah, I mean, get you a faaabulous umbrella ella if you want to fit ins!"

Jarsh and Brandi could not wait to be the first to spend money. Jarsh is planning on framing these ponchos and hang them in his office.

Over at the buffet, we got to look at GASM and Superman.

Brandi be hungariesatories. Look at her eyes. They devil eyes.

Ernie was telling this amazing story, but all I could hear was a record playing on the wrong speed. But I love you Ernie....I reeeallllyyyy doooooo.

Doug and his spawn compare foods while trollface James makes an appearance.

Suddenly this big bear came up and almost attacked Rock!!!!!

Neil: "Did somebody say bear?" No Neil, wrong type of bear....continue.

It was just Danny....that was close! I swear he was not intoxicated at the event.

So now what can I do to entertain myself?

Rock, enjoy your Danny credit...oh yeah BTW....

...Rockhard is his middle name. Serial.

We all decided to stand around and pose while a certain re re rode a coaster.

Can you see who I am talking aboot? Look closer.

There she is. Girl, put on that hat. You is causing a glare on my camera lens.

Clint and Dawn look freshly shaken after they ride.

Superman was open so we pose...and then over heard...

Random Keesha: "I aint gettin' on that thang. That is that ride that gurl got her legs cut off on!" I am serial.

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