Six Flags New England page 2

Batman is a floorless, with a short train.

Jamez said I could not make fun of it until I have ridden it.

Ok, I rode it and it sucked. The 2nd half was the roughest of a B&M that I have ridden.

Ewww you! Mayo.

I love they luxurious drains in this trayla.

I can almost touch they Mind Eraser. Not as bad as most.

We did see the Indonesian Keith McVeen riding it.

They smoking urra is a nice little flower box to block the stank smell.

Thunderbolt is the oldest coaster in the park.

It just got this nice plaque last yurr.

I really liked it. It was smooth and had nice pops of air.

..They grass be so green!

So yeah, this is what I was talking aboot earlier. This WAS going to be the Dark Knight
coaster. Now it's useless.

They had the most CRAE sky buckets I have ever seen. They look scurry deuce!

Not as luxurious as the one at Disney Hollywood Studios.

I am so excited to finally get to ride one of these things.

This was my favorite part of the ride. Luckily they also had a single rider line, so I got to ride with three 13 year old girls. We talked about Miley Cyrus.

Another ride we saw at Astroworld.

Hmmmm, should we ride? No thanks. I did the one at Thorpe.

Can you find the three that did?

OMg is that Adam Lambert?

Cyclone is the next woodie in the park.

Wow, so this coaster is at SFOT? Wow, when I did that 30 hour marathon, I thought I was at SFOG. I guess not.

You can see where the first drop was modified in this pic. That track on the bottom is the original and the curve above it is what it looks like now. They just left it they.

Brian watched. We rode in the ejector seat. Jamez watched to make sure I did not hold on.

I did have the "O" face on the first drop, but did not hang on.
WTF were they thinking? Insane!

Ooooh look a vertic....oops, wrong site.

Yeah hi, don't make us give you the look.

Try to say that without a lisp.

So yeah. Are we done? I guess so.

But first one more shot of yummy goodness.
I mean the coaster..... NASTY.

Oh yeah, they really mean this.


Next Stop, Dorney Park!