Six Flags New England
Springfield, MA

The next morning we were up at the crack of like 10:30 to head to
Six Flags New England.

Somebody is all scruffy on they orange head.

Here we are! Another new park credit for me!

OMG. Another empty parking lot. So it's NOT just HRP...I mean, Freestyle.

Must say that this looks better here than in front of the Crystal Pistol.

In fact, we decided to make a new boy band called "Last Suppa" (copyright Pocket Rob) and use this as our album cover. Scoll over and see our new hit single title.

First ones here! Wait, I can sense something up in the air.

Wait...what is that? Is that Jamezzzzz????!!!!

Yep it is. And he still blames Jarsh.

So yeah hi.

Bizarro #2 of the trip! Woo hoo!

..I love it I love it I looooove it!

It's like errthang MF is suppose to be.

Weeeee and stuff.

So yeah, again with the soundtrack. It was not really loud but it was good and...


I decided to call this "Facial Spa Treatment" the ride, due to the massive amounts of
mist to the face you get on this ride. Here is #1.

Here is #2.

Here is #3.

Ok guys, it be ya'll turn!

They face is behind that support.

"Jeffrey, yeah hi. No, we are not fighting or anything.
What? What do you mean "damn it!"?

We got the "Dominatrix Woman" kid coaster credit so we could have access... take more pics of Bizarro!


You guys, look. It's so dead. This park is going to close down anyday now.

Last time me and Brian took a boys trip, we saw this ride at Astroworld.

I love the Bugs Bunny nut sacks they are giving away at Six Flags this year.

Look! It's a drop!!! LOVE IT!


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