Six Flags Great Adventure page 2

Next is Superman the Ultimate Themed Coaster.

Wow, those themed "Danger Zone" fences are cool....wait, that is not themeing.

Cute doggies!

I saw _ _ _ _ taking pics.

This dude had me rolling with his chorography . He was dancing non stop for ever.

Time to get our snack on. If I see a pickle, I am they!

They had nice HD flat screens for they menu. You know how they can afford them?

Cause it will cost you this much for a turkey sandwich and soda.

Seriously? Even I am not that skilled.

..Brian got water and a hotdog and it was $92.00. Why is SF's stock such crap again?

Heeeeey daddy menz eating they ice cream on the fountain.

Next is the coaster Joe C. is named after.

I hope it lives up to it's hype. Looks fun and stuff.

It has hills and whatknought.

First drop would be better if you did not have to notice all the garbage below.
(Large pic just for you.)

This view is much better.
(Another large're welcome)

Overall it's a good ride. Lots o's not as good as Goliath at SFOG...yeah hi,

..Serial! Go away already!

Sad Grandpa was a fun indoor coaster. I liked it alot.

Brad don't get "Sad Grandpa"

Wow, this park is so sensual. You can have yo Fantasy Fling up in here. I did not get mines cause Jason Statham was not available.

No, that is two coasters. I don't know why they would want to paint them the same colors
Axe Shapiro if you see him.

Here is a large pic for you. Look at all the rolley rides.
Kingda Krap was down..but who cares? Oh yeah, Brad does.

This is what is left of Batman and Robin The Chiller.

He you..what is wrong with ya'll stock?

Time for more indoor coaster goodness!

Hey Brian, something is happening deuce your face.

Oh snap!

It turned you into a Juggalo! Woo woo!

It was fun. Too bad New England. But you got a great More on that later.

Gurl...errwhere you look!

Um, are you sure this is not a Cedar Fair park?

Ok, cool way to start off the trip. Now off to New ANGland!


Next stop, Six Flags New England!