Six Flags Great Adventure
Jackson, NJ

So this is the first stop of the boys trip up north. This is my first time hurr
and I hope it is not G D packed to hell!

Yeaaaaa! It's dead!

It was a little chilly up hurr, so Brian had to put on his jeans.

Yeah hi Brad, why don't you use some of your poker winnings earnings to get a season pass....oh wait.

Wow, I already can see that I am going to love this park. Heeeeey.

The crew has arrived and ret to start they adventures. That is Rob on he right, aka Pocket Rob (copyright HomeyG).

El Toro is first! OMG, seriously? This hill is as steep as it looks.
(save this awesome large pic and view)

You fly over these hills insanely fast. I don't even know why the train has seats.

It's very photogenticalatories.

So yeah, I think that I now have a new #1 woodie, behind Thunderhead.
(large pic)

..This turn takes you up and over the most insane ejector hill ever....over Rolling Thunder's first

Each row is a little elevated as to provide a good view, and insane air!!!!

Which one of these people were not able to ride, cause they restraint would not lock?
Hint: The one that looks like a pig.
Still don't know?
Hint 2: There is a "PLEASE EXIT" sign over his head.

We got a ton of rides on this thing. You must,must,must,must ride it to believe it. Serial!

Up next is Medus..oops, I mean Bizarro #1 of 2 of this trip.

Rob is crusing young girls, again. Even these girls with the Kiss boots?

So I don't get the station. Someone can explain it to me.

Fire! Any coaster can be improved with a little flame.....heeeey.

..Here you can see the new speakers installed in the trains. Not as good quality as Freestyle's music, but still kinda neat. Overall really good ride. WAY better than SCREAM at Tragic Mountain.

Bizarro be yo hero now up in hurr!

Brian liked it deuce.

Who stole these from Ghost Town?

Gurl with the boots. Seriously?


Ooh, look. Parachutes. This midway is freaking huge. This whole park is massive. It's got to be the biggest of the SF parks.

Now we take a ride on the Great Ameican Sausage...I rode that before.

Smoothest transition evaaarrr!

Rob manages to keep his swagga in check....Brian...not so much.

Ouch and stuff.

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