Silver Dollar City
Brandson, MO

There are so many things in this pic that Jarsh likes to put in his mouth.

So yeaaa, today is Silver Dollar City...a new park for me!

Let's start off with a B&M!

Wildfire is the bomb! It's short, but packs quite a punch.

The first drop in the back seat is insane. Total ejaculati...ejection.

Cobra roll.

Like,...a turn.

Dustijn and Missy are my tour guides/sexual partners today.

DeZzam! Hogs, soldiers, and guns...oh my!

Ok so Swoosh was trying to do this dude's job and got the chain all messed up.

..Ewww you. Utters.

Speaking of utters. I spy some.

These two things SO GO TOGETHER in my personal book, ya know?

They were only running one side of they Sssscreamin Ssswwing.

Up next....whooo hooo....a mine train!

I prefered sitting forward. This was prally my favorite coaster of the park. It was way
awesome and seemed like it would never end!

Check out the Medevial car covers.

This show was pretty good....I guess. Didn't seem to fit in the park, but the girls loved the dudes and they banging and stomping and whatknought.

..JCOAC! I can't escape the wraith that is c.orn.

The park is very shady and Knoebels-esque....

...except for all the hills. Wow...serisouly with the hills?

Time to get our launch on!

I liked this coaste alot also

It reminded me of one of those crazy PAX coasters.

Great drops and stuff.

Wow...yeah hi again... I really love Powder Keg. It's so hot...I mean, fun.....

...and I could ride it all day.

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