Knoebels Grove
Elysburg, PA

We arrive at Knoebels today at the crack of 1 o'clockish, and I was annoyed when I saw the massive amounts of cars here.

This is my very first trip here, and I have heard nothing but good things aboot the place.

It reminds me of being in Maggie Valley with they luxurious security station. Lovely hanging baskets deuce.

Ok so this park is deceptively HUGE. Seriously, like 160 acres or something and there is rides and crap everywhere! Oh yeah, and it's FREE to get in. Free parking and no admission fee. Wow.

Love the retro looking restroom signs.

So we did not eat breakfast today cause Brian and Pocket Rob went on and on about how good the food was at Knoebels etc when I saw this, I was like whut? $1? For a delicious massive pickle? Sign me up!

$2 for a large soda? Are you sure we are in a park?

I got me some yummmmo bar-b-que sandwich, amazing fries, and slaw for like $6.
It was the bomb for shizzle.

Errbody is stuffing they faces.

Like $1.50 for an ice cream cone?

No these are not photoshopped pics. The prices are really that low.

It's like stepping back into the 70's or something. Str8 up CRAE!!!

..Oh snap....literally. It's the world famous Knoebels Flyers.

I'm going up they.....(roll yo mouse over)

I almost got on the Flying Turns.

Is that Big Mike?

So yeah, Flying Turns is still under constructions.

They have a display set up with info on the ride and junk.

So many peeps are asking stuff, that they posted a FAQ.

Here you can see the two lift hills.

These additional footers must be for support beams?

Here you can see a big section of track being worked on.

It looks like this ride will be a lot of upkeep once completed.

Yeah, still lots to do.

You can see the custom trains here.

I have always seen pictures of this but never realized that the pole is made of ice.

Yeah hi Rob, I think you want to lick up higher, as not to be in contact where kids put they hands and junk.

Then again, you might just like licking anything...anywhere.

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