JAPAN 2008
Tokyo Disneyland page 2

Space Mountain was our first TDL credit.

It's like the one at Disneyland in CA. It was strange without music tho, but still was great. Oh yeah, it was also a walk-on. The entire park was deserted today.

Old school jets! Love it!

Check out my cool lunchbox that came with a jelly Mickey Mouse head uncrustable! Scroll over to watch me model it.

Getting on the Grand Circuit Raceway...yeah I know..., Don's hairy mole scared me.

Don was excited to finally get this credit.

I was super excited to get this credit! POOH!

Yeah hi, no wait. We rode this so many times and it's so hard to describe so just wait for the video. I really wished we had one of these at WDW.

They go out three at a time, on no track, and just do whatever they want it seems!

Piglet Bottom is a new character BTW.

It would not be a trip to Tokyo Disneyland with a ride on "It's a Small World".

Another walk-on.

This ride looked brand new. So bright and clean. Awesome.

Haunted Manson!

Another walk-on.

Here is a cute huge resturant next to Splash Mountain called Grandma Sara's Kitchen.

We loved the themeing.

...Walking over to Splash, we noticed people starting to line up and camp out on the streets.

Looks like this is going to be a walk-on as well.

James is such a great photographer.

They Splash was fun. It's totally a credit also.

Yeah, James can't get our Splash Mountain pic in frame but has no prob here.

..OMG! Where the HELL did all these people come from. What started out as a few peeps on the sidewalk turned into this.

I had no idea this many people were even in the park! The Japanese love they parades!


Beauty and the Yeast.


Tigger had a cool bungee tail....like Jarsh's rosebud.

James is racking up on the credits.

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