Ok gurl, I hope you is got some minutes left on that pre-paid GPS thang, and can
get us to IKEA!!

We made it! Oh yes!

Bayyron decided to show up and get his eat on with the gang.

"Here Brandi, hold my purse. I'm going to need both hands."

Have you seen anything more amazing before? Besides "The Atlanta Eagle" Barron.

O M F G!

This is heaven in bread.

This gurl back they was puking her guys out in the trash can. Yeah hi, they have a lovely restroom around the corner, so can you take your baby puke smell they?

Steve was doing the "Jarsh double hand/double utensil method" so he could
hurry and shop.

So this cake was pretty much amazing.

So I was trying to take a stalker shot of this hot daddy menz, when Arnie from "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" got his big head all up in my shot.

After all of our hair-dos was dried, we gots our shop on.

Somebody ass be expanding.

Don loves the effect the soft light has on his glamour shot.

Barron shows us his skills with the Cocktus. (Cocktus copyright Rock 2009)

Weclome to "Cooking with the GAP!"

Ikea even has chairs for giant people.

"Yesss, me and my lover are looking for furnishingsss for our lower Manhattan ssstudio."

Brandi was going apeshit over some G D napkins.

You know we gots to leave our mark.

"Yes, Mr. Faircloth will see you now."

Don said he was NOT buying an IKEA toilet without trying it out first.

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