Hersheypark page 2

"Boooooo". Rob's signature yell.

I love mine trains!

This was the only one I have ridden with only one lift. Crae.

Rob had to get the POV seat when I specifically told him that I would need it for filming!

Next was the new Reese's Xtreme Cup Challenge, or what I prefer...

...the One Girl One Cup challange.

We get a nice view of the park on the luxurious sky chair things.

There is that CRAE inline twissssst.

Look at that Great Bear! And to the right of Brad is the inverted coaster at Hershey.

Next is the classic wooden coaster Comet.

Yeah, I think you are exaggerating a little Brian.

So is this kid EVEN old enough to be working here? Serial.

..The Comet features a chain driven drop in the lift. Nice.

Weeee, hills and stuff!

Here is the "money is no option" entrance for Ssssuper Dooper Looper!

I'll wait on the POV seat this time guys.

I'm on a loop!

So yeah. Lamest Schwarzkopf ever. I mean, I liked it, but after the loop is re re.

So I was curious where all the peeps in the park was. They were here. Brian informed me that his kid is come kind of Disney star or whatknought. I was like "who?".

An officer had to pat down Brian and Brad's ass cause the sucking sound coming from them was distracting all the people trying to watch the show.

So yeah, this is a Drake Bell.

And this ain't a cracka.

Next up is the great rear....AND The Great Bear daddy coaster.

Wow, much like my very own rear.

This dude was totally reading your text messages Pocket.

THE most ghetto tattoo I have ever seended! "Unless you WUZ me how can
you JUDGE me". They left out the question mark.

G D they is slow with they dispatch.

So here is the lift. It's all twisted in the log flume and Super Dooper Looper.

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