Hershey, PA

Our last stop on our amazing New England urra trip is Hersheypark!

Look at the cute town and they Kisses street lamps.

This was my very first visit to Hershey.

Before we can get in the gate good Rob is already trying to pick up a cougar.

You have got to take a pic of the cow on a track thing.

Look it's Walt Disney!

I was super excited to see that American Idol winner Jordan Sparks was entertaining the crowd today as they entered the park.

So we need to get the Intamin's first before they go down.

Farenheit is they new coaster. It's named after the boy band 98 Degrees.

Not a fan of the lift, but I like the drop.

Heeeey security.

So yeah, Rob really REALLY liked it.

..It's twists and turns....

...and goes upside down and junk.

Overall it was fun, but seems a little out of place after since they had added.....

...Storm Runner first.

This is the train, but look below. Heeeeeeey.

I'm sorry, but both of these pictures are wrong. A1: get rid of that head band Pat Benatar.

I prefered this to 98 Degrees.

Brian and Brad liked they launch.

Oh no she di'ent!

The launch and drop is way fun.

Even with the retarded restraints, it was still a great ride.

More rolley pics....hey, this is very rare for my PTRs so enjoy it.


This inline twist into the dive is str8 up crae!

Watch your head on the monorail track. Serial! That is close!

Storm Runner is "Last Suppa" approved.

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