Freestyle Music Park page 2

If you likes to get wet, you can come hurr.

It's now Polly Nesian's Splash Bath. I think she is related to Leim Nesian, right?

Led Zep is now The Time Machine!

Dude, get over it. It's a better theme anyway.

See all the records?

So depending on what room you go in, you get a soundtrack on your ride of music from the 60's, 70' gets it?.

I love the 00's. I got Pink, and Kelly Clarkson, and was the bomb!.

Love the first drop.

Still a smooth ride.

You can see the new paint on the front. The music does not play as loud, but least you don't have to set through a 15 minute preshow now.

Here you can see some of the changes.

They are still adding a little bit hurr and thurr.

British Invasion is now Across The Pond. I like this new name.

The "Do Mushrooms and Drugs" ride is now the more homosensual friendly, "Faerie Glen."

AND the #1 new most lispy-est name yet..."Sssstrawberry, Fieldsss, and Cream."

So we SERIOUSLY thought this was a real statue until the second I took this pic and he felt that her purse was real. She was awesome. We watched her freak peeps out for a while.

This area used to lead to the old Phonehenge. I hope they put a drop ride here now. My idea, "Big Ben"...a themed double shot with a clock on tops like Big Ben. (copyright 2009)

OMG. This ride is working?

And an awesome new Candian friendly name...Round Aboot!

Boo! No Karaoke Que. I guess that was "their" idea and the new owers could not use it?

Yes! I got the British Car.

The only thing that sucked was that their was no music. They may still be working on that, but it's still a fun ride. You just get spoiled having music on all the rides here.

To the left you can see where Phonehenge used to be...shot tower! Shot tower!

The Round ABOOT did not go down once. Amazing.

Yeah hi .

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