Freestyle Music Park
(The park formerly known as Hard Rock Park)

Today my friend Justin joins me as we visit the newly named Freestyle Music Pizzark.

This was their first day open, even tho they grand opening is later in June.

"Hey, so yeah...Daddy is ghey and mommy ain't coming home."

This was the line for season passes for A-H or something...yeah hi.

Here are one of the shuttles that run to the park from the hotels on the beach.

So they let you keep your old pass and whatknought. Ebay.

Freestyle's new ticket prices are much lower than HRP. They also offer a twilight ticket which is very smart and perfect for the beach goers.

They new sign! Let's go in!

Elvis works in the season pass processing center.

Still looks the same. Brand new.

I think that the 2008 needs to be changed to 2009 but whatever.

All the old rock merch is still up in the stores.

Here is some new Freestyle stuff.

I love they poncho in a golf ball!

"I Want Candy" is now "Red Red Wine"...but it was not open yet.

The new coffee and ice cream shop name.

So this was Rock-N-Roll it's Red Neck Heaven...oops, I mean Myrtle's Beach.

New names, same ole sign.

Adrenaline Rush has replaced the Malibu Beach Party show.

It's like, skateboards, bikes, and incline skates. Would have been 100 times butta if they kept the guys in bathing suits and no shirts like Malibu Beach Party, but the former owers would have sued for that also. They created shirtless.

The guys wear lipstick cameras on they helmets.

You can see they POV.

Oh yeah, and there is fire....

...and one chick.

So this looks about the same but...'s missing the tiki rock gods.

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