Today we gots up bright and early and headed to Epcot.

They was a crowd of peeps waiting to run over to Soarin'.

Gee, Barron is ultra ghey. He has the mark.

My foots was killing me. I will never wear heels again and walk from DHS to Epcot
and back again.

Barron wanted to ride the retard side of Mission Sssspace.

Speaking of retards, this dude behind me was all (in a slow Corkey voice) "Yeah, that other side made me dizzy" and JJ was all "Did it make you retarded too?"

Heeeey Daddy! Dump the fish and the rug rat and meet me later.

JJ is hell bent on making Barron and Me learn about America and shit.

We had never seen this before, so we gave it a try. It was really cool and the theater is massive!

In Japan, I had some of JJ's "Pocky For Men". It was delicious.

..They water sure is blue.

Look at the cabbage patch.

It's getting a little hot. Time for a beverage.

Karen, you were right. This is way better than the lemon.

Babies dressed like whores in leopard print kills.

While riding Test Track, I looked up in the sky and saw this...

...it's Jesus!

"Jesus 4 Giv..?"

..Dumb Christians. They can't even spell "Paris".

Oh, they must have been hired by JJ to write this.

Two queens holding up a big ball.

Ok so on the way out, we notice these teens taking pics and how these two closet cases can't keep their hands out of eachother's asses. Yeah, total queens.

Another shot...same hand in ass. BTW, yeah, they are with a Christian group.

Aaaawwww. True love. Laterz.

Next stop, Six Flags Over Georgia!