GAPZAA 2008 page 2

Clint LOVES to yell "fire in the hole"....even when he is not at Dollywood.

Water + 30 degrees outside = fun!

Representin' the hatchet. One of these is for you Don.

Don't be scurred of Barron's Sarah Palin glasses.

Nice chin(s) protector. Is that a Reese's Cup in your front pocket?.

Tennessee TornadHO.

First attempt at the group pic.

Did you get POV Zach....oh wait..

This is a large group pic. Right click to save as and look at our pores.

It's just fo decoration.

Jarsh got out of his scooter long enough to take this pic.

Yeah hi, thanks. Super Heather All Access.

Sorry Dave, until you join the GAP, you have got to wear the "Special Guest" laminate.

This thing was waaay to long of a wait.... we went into the Dolly museum and tried on wigs.

Coming out we ran into Gapper Brad. I see someone stalking you in the back.

Everyone knows that if you rub the little boy anus, your Christmas wishes come true.

Ford finally found a library that will hire him.

Someone give that twinky and twinky. Wow Brad and Alan are getting closer.

Dollywood is very tolerant of the gangs.

Again, just because it's 30 degrees does not mean you can't not look glamorous at all times....well, it does mean that for James.

And closer.......

Hey gang, let's take a train ride. Are you warm enough Steve?

We're riding on the choo choo train.

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