Time to trek through the snow as we head to our most anticipated annual GAP event!

Here we are at our luxurious, 4 star Gapin!

This yurr we is up at the Magesticatories.

As you can see, we have 4 levels of pure luxury.

Located next door is the scene of last years event. They are still cleaning it up.

Here is our mountain view.

Thank goodness I brought a scarf to match the trees.

Ford enjoys fresh mountain air with his cigarette and wine.

We even have doggy mascots this year. They are Jarsh and Brandi's children.

Each guest of the Gapin is greeted with a bag full of goodies, a welcome card and of course bed mints.


Don't they look delicious?

What GAP event would be complete without a luxurious laminate?

We even have a schedule on the back....cause ya'll all know how we stick to schedules.

If you need to take a dook, here is the place. It has my face on it.

What would Christmas be without a tree with penis and c.orn lights on it?

Saturday morning all the Gappers were up bright and early, and all bundled up for a
fun day at Dollyfood.

Just because it's 30 degrees does not mean you can't look luxurious at all times.

What a sausage fest!

Hey ya'll. Let's start up in Thunderhead GAP and see what is open.

Closed. Looks like the only mystery mine you will get to explore is Jarsh's rosebud.

Yeah, so this will have to do.

Sorry Ford, that is NOT today's lunch menu.

As you can see, we had pathway ERT.

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