Dorney Park
Allentown, PA

So after we left SFNE, we started driving to Knoebels. I noticed something out the window.

It's Dorney Park. I need the Hydra credit. Should we stop?

Well it's 8pm and the park closes in 2 hours. I wonder if we can get all the credits
before it closes?

Yeah hi, let's do it.

Looks like Pocket Rob has lost his receipt...which is his ticket.

He is going to cost us this contest if he does not hurry.

Ok let's get on some rolley rides!

#1 is Talon.

I like they Talon. I have not rode it since the year it opened.

OMG. This park is going under for sure!

# deuce, Hydra! New credit for me.

..It has this Jo Jo roll thingy, named after the singer.

Classic whips. Woo!

#3 is Possessed.

I got this at Worlds of Geagua Lake or whatever.

Brad is picking up some of Pocket Rob's habits.

Time check. 8:39pm. Good, we still have time to do this.

We gots to get a claw ride in!

#4 is Steel Force.

Lots of good air coming back, after that long re re helix.

The only woodie in the park, Thunderhawk.

#5. Yeah hi.

Woodstock Express is #6.
LOL to Brian riding in the front and getting slammed to death.

#7 is the Wild Mouse. We did it. There is one more kid coaster, but we were not allowed on it so blonta bleeta bloo.

Mission accomplished. It's amazing that you can do an entire park in 2 hours.

Swoosh goes they Talon. Holler.


Next Stop, Knoebels Grove!