Disney's Hollywood Studios

So yeah, today I get to drive like 6 hours alone to Orlando!

Thank Budda Jordan Catalano was they to keep me company.

First stop is Disney's Hollywuud Studiosatories.

We usually never stay more than 2 hours at this park.

I checked Jarsh's rosebud and see that he had a dingleberry left.

First sign of luxury. Pre-paid ghetto phone cards. So Disney.

The all new "Al-Qaeda Terrorist Street Show" was pretty entertaining.

Bret Michaels from "Rock of Love" whore bus was they also. He was sooo snobby.

Back at Superstar Television...my favorite old attraction, they now have changed it deuce...

..."The American Idol Expurrrrrrrrr" as I call it.

JJ and Barron and myself decided deuce audtion as a trio. We didn't make the cut, even though we all were. Think aboot it.

LHOTP shout out!

We decided to check out the preview shows. It was not scheduled to open for a few more weeks.

Barron needed an extra boost to hold up his huge melon with those tiny legs. Thanks Vitamin Water!

So yea, it totally is just like being they. The stage is designed by the same dude that did the one on tv.

So yeah, we went to like 4 shows. This was the longest we had ever stayed at DHS. We even came back the next day. We loved it! We didn't even ride a roller coaster!

They sold Heather laminates also.

That was a little bitchy...err pitchy!

They lip gloss be poppin'!

You can also buy all the past winners, and loooosers CDs and shizz.

..They gots deuce rows of Kelly!

We decided to eat ghetto and get some free soda deuce.

Yeah hi.

BTW. if you see this guy, wear a face shield. He has the lispy-est lisp ever and hhis bottom lip just drips with saliva when he talks to you. "Hey you wanna come ssssing at our newssssest attraction?

Next stop, EPCOT!